BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fn-verify-9324832Updating to actix 2.0.0 and adding 404 handlerKatharina Fey3 years
masterAdding raw git repository utilitiesKatharina Fey23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2020-10-27Adding raw git repository utilitiesHEADmasterKatharina Fey7-17/+408
2020-10-26Adding some libgit2 utilitiesKaiden Fey7-1/+16
2020-10-25Adding a whole lot of shit (octopus and supergit)Kaiden Fey20-345/+631
2020-10-25Big project updateKaiden Fey13-946/+926
2020-06-22git: refactoring git module to have a unified actions APIKatharina Fey5-49/+120
2020-06-22git/log: adding a lot of parsing code to make libgit2 usefulKatharina Fey1-9/+54
2020-06-22Committing all the libgit2 progress before throwing it awayKatharina Fey15-746/+1030
2020-06-22Updating just like... a bunch of shitKatharina Fey15-288/+426
2020-06-14templates: adding repo/details templateKatharina Fey5-44/+344
2020-06-13Rebuilding the entire htlm and css stilesKatharina Fey3-214/+75