brookA minimal self-hostable streaming setup. Katharina Fey4 months
cassiopeiaRemember to put your time in the bank Katharina Fey14 months
cgit-tvlUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Katharina Fey2 months
cookbookRecipe instruction tools Katharina Fey
dev-suiteMy personal working tree of dev suite. Submit patches via my public-inbox or to ...Katharina Fey14 months
dudlePersonal tree for the TU Dresden Dudle software Katharina Fey14 months
gitignore-rbSmall ruby script to generate gitignore files Katharina Fey14 months
halley-toolA wrapper script to make the halley game engine less of a pain on Linux Katharina Fey14 months
kookienomiconMy personal project and infrastructure archive Katharina Fey3 weeks
libbowlA versatile C datastructure library Katharina Fey14 months
libkookie🍍 Things that make my computers more sad than other people's computers Katharina Fey5 months
libquasselA modern implementation of the quassel protocol, to enable new user clients Katharina Fey14 months
libtermkitA widget-based terminal UI application toolkit Katharina Fey14 months
lockchain[Experimental] A modern, cross-platform and extendable secrets manager Katharina Fey14 months
octopus🐙 It's a water animal Katharina Fey4 months
websiteMy personal website, written with Pelican and a custom theme Katharina Fey5 months