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* Adding a whole lot of shit (octopus and supergit)Kaiden Fey2020-10-253-31/+46
* Big project updateKaiden Fey2020-10-252-48/+29
* Committing all the libgit2 progress before throwing it awayKatharina Fey2020-06-223-99/+18
* Updating just like... a bunch of shitKatharina Fey2020-06-224-255/+191
* templates: adding repo/details templateKatharina Fey2020-06-143-42/+257
* Rebuilding the entire htlm and css stilesKatharina Fey2020-06-131-38/+29
* Updating to actix 2.0.0 and adding 404 handlerfn-verify-9324832Katharina Fey2020-01-231-0/+11
* material-ish design with gitea-style tabsMilan Pässler2019-12-291-25/+27
* initial stylingMilan Pässler2019-12-132-31/+33
* Initial code dump of Rust and templatesKatharina Fey2019-12-103-0/+95