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[badge-link]: https://builds.sr.ht/~spacekookie/libbowl?
[issues]: https://todo.sr.ht/~spacekookie/libbowl
+The root structure in `libbowl` is a `bowl`. It can either be a leaf
+node, containing some data (`bowl_data`, which can be many types),
+or be a structure node, either in `ARRAY`, `LINK` or `HASH` mode.
+Each `libbowl` function returns a status code and uses reverse-input
+pointers to communicate results. A convenience `DEBUG` macro is included.
+bowl *list;
+int r = bowl_malloc(&list, ARRAY);
+if(r) { printf("Failed to malloc!\n"); exit(2); }
+// `DEBUG` does the same thing as the above `if`
+bowl *number;
+DEBUG (data_malloc(&number, INTEGER, 1312))
+// Finally append data into list
+DEBUG (bowl_append(list, number))
+Generally, `data` prefixed functions are convenience wrappers around
+allocating a `bowl`, setting it's type to `LEAF`, and inserting some
+data into it (performing at least 2 allocation calls).
+Freeing a `bowl` structure is as easy as calling free on the top node.
+// ...
+DEBUG (bowl_free(list))
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