libquasselA modern implementation of the quassel protocol, to enable new user clients Katharina Fey2 years
cookbookRecipe instruction tools Katharina Fey
gitignore-rbSmall ruby script to generate gitignore files Katharina Fey2 years
lockchain[Experimental] A modern, cross-platform and extendable secrets manager Katharina Fey2 years
libtermkitA widget-based terminal UI application toolkit Katharina Fey2 years
libkookie🍍 Things that make my computers more sad than other people's computers Katharina Fey19 months
octopus🐙 It's a water animal Katharina Fey19 months
dev-suiteMy personal working tree of dev suite. Submit patches via my public-inbox or to ...Katharina Fey2 years
halley-toolA wrapper script to make the halley game engine less of a pain on Linux Katharina Fey2 years
libbowlA versatile C datastructure library Katharina Fey2 years
cgit-tvlUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Katharina Fey17 months
kookienomiconMy personal project and infrastructure archive Katharina Fey15 months
brookA minimal self-hostable streaming setup. Katharina Fey19 months
websiteMy personal website, written with Pelican and a custom theme Katharina Fey19 months
cassiopeiaRemember to put your time in the bank Katharina Fey2 years
dudlePersonal tree for the TU Dresden Dudle software Katharina Fey2 years